Our purpose.
A strategic compass.

Mission and statutory objectives.

In 2021, Colisée joined the community of mission-led companies in Europe to promote a model that contributes to society, as well as share experiences with peers. Being a mission-led company enables us to publicly affirm our ambition to be useful to society by revolutionising the senior care sector.
To reflect our purpose – Fostering positive ageing to drive society forward – we have drawn up a roadmap based on three statutory objectives
and 18 commitments :

9 March 2021 Colisée became
a mission-led company
and adopted its purpose.

We added the “mission-led company” to our statutes to embody our purpose: Fostering positive ageing to drive society forward.

I am Colisean.

A long-standing commitment.

Becoming a mission-led company and adopting our purpose represent the culmination of a long-standing commitment. We have patiently built and tested responsible practices over many years.

Our aim? Constantly improve quality of life for our Mentors (seniors) and the well-being of our Talents (employees), while taking sustainability into account across all our activities. Above all, these practices embody a long-term approach to continous improvement.

Every two years, all mission-led companies of more than 50 employees have the excution of the mission’s statutory objectives verified through an independant third-party organization (TPO).Since it has adopted this status, Colisée chose to be audited every year.

Since 2021, RSE France (APAVE Group) has carried out this work.

Inspiring our approach

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