Transparency. Accountability. Governance.

Two committees guide the Group’s day-to-day activity and growth.

• The Executive Committee steers our strategy and development and is responsible for our financial and non-financial performance.

• The Supervisory Committee oversees our strategic orientation, development, financing and investment policies to support our business project in the interests of all stakeholders.The members of the Supervisory Committee also form the ESG Comittee for environmental, societal and governance topics.


  • Christine Jeandel.

    Chief Executive Officer.

  • Damien Delacourt.

    Deputy CEO.

  • Benjamin Edmond.

    Strategy and Development Director.

  • Isabelle Zammit.

    Marketing Communication & Digital Director.

  • Isabelle Guillou.

    Financial Director.

  • Claire Mousset.

    Impact Director.

  • Yves Michel.

    IT & Digital Director

  • Vincent Klotz.

    Medical Director.

  • Fabrice Ducroquet.

    Operational Control Director.

Subsidiaries Chief Executive Officers.

  • Stéphane Roger.

    CEO France.

  • Laurent Ostrowsky.

    CEO of Onela.

  • Carole Devalla-Launay.

    SMR FRANCE Managing Director.

  • Guido Perremans.

    CEO Belgium.

  • Gérard Sanfeliu.

    CEO Spain.

  • Fabio Massimo Ragusa.

    CEO Italy.

  • Olivier Dessajan.

    CEO China and Director of the Colisée joint venture.


  • Olivier Breittmayer.

    Independent director, Chairman of the Board.

  • Hélène Boulet-Supau.

    Independent director.

  • Joaquim Borras.

    Independent member of the Supervisory Board of Colisée.

  • Ulrich Köllensperger.


  • Thomas Rajzbaum.


  • Olivier Fortin.


  • Christine Jeandel.


Our Investors.

EQT is a mission-led global investment company.

Born from the Wallenberg family’s entrepreneurial spirit and long-term ownership philosophy, EQT is guided by a strong set of values and a distinctive corporate culture.

EQT has offices in 24 countries in Europe, Asia and the Americas, and employs over 1,800 people.

On 30th September 2023, EQT had €232 billion in assets under management.

CDPQ invests constructively to generate long-term, sustainable returns.

As a global investment group managing funds from public pension and insurance plans, CDPQ helps its partners build businesses that drive performance and progress.

CDPQ is active in major financial markets, private equity, infrastructure, real estate and private credit.

On 30th June 2023, CDPQ’s net assets totalled CAD 424.2 B.

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