Being Colisean. Revealing your potential.

Every day, we try to rethink the senior living sector to create environments in which seniors – who are Mentors for us – can express their individuality. And in which our employees – Talents in our eyes – can reveal their full potential.

We build Communities in which Talents and Mentors share their lives and experiences. Rather than welcoming people at the “end of life”, we welcome people to live their life. We create spaces where everyone can share, be respected and feel valued, free to make their own choices.

We give Mentors and Talents the means to reveal their full potential together, while preserving and strengthening intergenerational ties.

This is the promise we make to our Talents and Mentors.

Être Soi. Pleinement.*
*Be fully Yourself.

Colisée. Embodying a new vision.

You’re more than a professional, you’re the Talent.
Being someone with their own history and personality traits, as opposed to merely a body.
Thriving alongside Talents, as opposed to being “assisted.”

I am Colisean.

Placing Mentors and Talents at the heart of our promise.

Revolutionising the sector means enabling our Mentors to choose and empowering our Talents to fully participate in this transformation.

Together, they are the Colisean

Colisée. Embracing new encounters
and sharing.

You’re more than a senior, you’re a Mentor.
Having a unique personality, way of being, and passions, and being a valued Community member.
Feeling fulfilled by your work every day, as opposed to just “coming to work”.
Thriving alongside Mentors, as opposed to simply “assisting”.

Talent dansant en face d'un Mentor
I am Colisean.

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