Solutions to connect Mentors with others.

We have developed services that adapt to different needs and aspirations – from nursing homes to service flats to home care services and rehabilitation clinics.

Personalised life projects.
Whether a Projet d’accompagnement personnalisé (PAP) in France, Plan de Atención y Vida (PAyV) in Spain, CME in Belgium or Piano Assistenza Individualizzato (PAI) in Italy, this approach is common to all Colisée residences. We ensure that each Mentor (senior) receives attention and care adapted to his or her needs, health and desires. This project is based on an ethical approach that focuses on the individual’s well-being, rights and freedoms. 
Montessori method.
We have chosen to follow the Montessori approach. This method encourages Mentors to use their preserved abilities to improve their self-esteem by giving them clear goals and roles within the Community.
Maintaining social links.
Mentors can take part in entertainment and activities based on their abilities, aspirations and tastes in all our nursing homes and service flats.
Catering for pleasure.
Each Colisean Community is committed to promoting a healthy, well-balanced diet based on the recommendations of our nutritionists. Eating is also a moment of pleasure and indulgence. Each meal is prepared on site by our chefs to bring a blend of conviviality, taste, nutrition and sensory appeal.

Taking each Mentor’s personality and uniqueness into account.

In nursing homes across five countries, we welcome and cares for seniors – who we consider as Mentors. For our teams (Talents for us) helping people age well means making each Mentor feel at home.
In our facilities, Talents provide each resident with personalised medical care, based on an approach designed to minimise pain and include non-medicinal therapies.
Our Talents are trained to stimulate the Mentor’s physical and cognitive capacities using the Montessori method, amongst other techniques. They also strive to preserve the relationship with the Mentor’s relatives and create a welcoming environment. This bond nurtures the Mentor’s mental and physical well-being.
Our multidisciplinary Talents are available 24 hours a day and collaborate with outside practitioners to meet individual needs.

Joining the Colisean Community means that each person and story is treasured. It means giving our Mentors the means to be a source of inspiration and reveal their full potential. To marvel, discover, learn and undertake.

Mentor en train de dessiner.

The freedom to continue living independently.

In our service flats in France and Belgium, Mentors enjoy a harmonious balance between autonomy, comfort and social life.

These residences offer the freedom to live independently in adapted accommodation while benefiting from catering, cleaning and caretaking services, as well as leisure activities that can be enjoyed alone or in a group.

Residences for free, independent living offering a harmonious balance between autonomy, comfort and social life.

Our home care services are designed to help people stay in their own home and be as independent as possible.
Mentors, as well as people who are disabled, dependent or convalescing, can call on us for help with meals and housework, as well as companionship and leisure activities, mobility assistance and night-time accompaniment.

The home care services business is booming.

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