Our commitments

We are Colisée: we foster positive aging and help people remain independent throughout their lives. That is why we made 18 commitments, structured around 3 fundamental pillars, that guide the work of our teams each day and are subject to continuous measurement.
Following the satisfaction of our clients and the commitment of our employees is key to fulfilling our corporate mission.

For this purpose, WeDoxa provides feedback from our clients for all our activities. At the same time, Zest provides a snapshot of employees’ state of mind and enables us to define tools to encourage them and to offer optimal training.

The first pillar that structures our commitments is to make each client feel at home. Positive aging requires achieving well-being in the places where we live. Colisée ensures that its clients find an environment, regardless of its location, that is adapted, welcoming and familiar, whether a nursing home, a service flat, a post-acute facility or their own home.

Its commitments have naturally led Colisée to become a driver of the transition towards a sustainable society. However, this transition is as much demographic as environmental: our jobs are everyday demanding, and require that we adapt to a constantly growing demand while reducing our ecological impact.

Finally, the third pillar of our commitments is to renew the elderly care industry. Our day-to-day responsibility to seniors and society rests on our employees shoulders. Therefore, we are committed to enhancing the value of the jobs of those who give their best to others. To facilitate their careers and to guarantee their well-being and safety. Colisée’s requirements in this area have prompted the company to adopt a corporate mission – “fostering positive aging to drive society forward”.

At Colisée, we set up a path until 2022, prioritising 24 actions under concrete and measurable objectives. We are all committed for these actions to come to life in the day-to-day support of all our customers. Our determination and sense of responsibility will be key to achieving it.

Christine Jeandel
Chief Executive Officer

Damien Delacourt
Chief Financial Officer

Julie Petithomme
ESG Director

Benjamin Edmond
Strategy and Development Director

Benoit Pichat
IT & Digital Director

Vincent Klotz
Medical Director

Vianney Du Parc
CEO France

Guido Perremans
CEO Belgium

Gerard Sanfeliu
CEO Spain

Fabio Massimo Ragusa
CEO Italy

Our commitments and related 24 actions until 2022


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Zest is used by Colisée to monitor its collaborators’ frame of mind, thus find the best ways to motivate and train them.