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16 June 2022

Among the flurry of regulatory texts published in the very last days of the previous presidential term, a decree modified the composition and role of the Social Life Councils (Conseils de la Vie Sociale – CVS in French), these bodies instituted in 2002.

This question of representation of the elderly is as delicate as it is old in France. But to gather the opinions of the main stakeholders before making decisions is a requirement more and more present in our society today.

Twenty years later, the conclusion is clear: although they have been useful for a long time, the CVSs have now become too formal and too restrictive for the different actors to really feel that they are being listened to.

To understand the changes introduced by this decree and the questions that still arise on the subject of family representation, Colisée met with Olivier Calon, President of CORERPA Ile-de-France.

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