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08 March 2023

This month we look back at the publication of the @Synerpa charter, whose objective is clear: to restore the bond of trust between the French and our establishments.

➡️ Our challenge at @Colisée is to be transparent about the quality of life of our residents and the well-being of our teams.

To achieve this, real commitments are necessary, but not sufficient. It is also essential to evaluate practices, both internally and through trusted third-party organisations, in order to improve them on a daily basis and thus put ethics back at the heart of support for seniors 👌

This approach is fully in line with the values of @Colisée’s #EntrepriseaMission raison d’être for several years: team cohesion, respect for others and commitment

Elisabeth Laville and the Utopies consultancy accompanied Synerpa in its work to draw up the commitment charter.
She agreed to answer some questions from Colisée in an interview…

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