[Newsletter] “Colisée leads the way in combating malnutrition”, “Combating malnutrition in Colisée care homes”, “Celebrating our master chefs”, “Combating malnutrition elsewhere in Europe : Colisée’s presence”.

03 November 2023

Edito – Colisée leads the way in combating malnutrition

Given its vocation in helping people cope with the onset of frailty and the loss of independence, combating malnourishment is an imperative for Colisée, as well as a lever for improving quality of care for our residents.

Combating malnutrition in Colisée care homes

Whether in hospitals, in personal residences or in care homes, malnutrition needs to be tackled in every setting where people suffering from this condition or from the loss of physical independence reside.

Celebrating our master chefs

This year’s Malnutrition Awareness Week, which will be held from the 7 – 14 November, will honour the work of the chefs and catering staff who are central to life within our cares homes.

Combating malnutrition elsewhere in Europe : Colisée’s presence

All European countries in which Colisée is active will be hosting national mobilisations to combat malnutrition.