Colisée, leading private player in elderly care in Europe, is committed to promoting positive aging in France, Belgium, Spain, Italy and China.

Colisée in France

In France, our teams are commited to positive aging

In France, Colisée’s teams are mobilized for positive aging and offer solutions for every stage of one’s life, whether at home or in nursing homes, post-acute facilities or service flats. The company intends to continue its development and to meet the needs of the population, according to the changes it is undergoing.

To meet the future challenges of society and seniors’ new demands for a range of accompaniment services, Colisée is committed to offering personalized care that targets the needs of each individual, as well as maintaining a dialogue with loved ones and society.

Colisée in Belgium

In Belgium, Armonea ensures its residents’ well-being on a daily basis

Major player in the elderly care in Belgium, Armonea takes care of the well-being of its residents daily through the Armonea Experience program. After interviewing hundreds of residents on their perception of happiness, the program was developed over 4 pillars: striving for excellent care, developing the well-being of residents, allowing them to enjoy the many pleasures of daily life and, finally, promoting social and family contacts.

Colisée in Spain

In Spain, Colisée provides high-quality services to the elderdy everyday.

Colisée in Spain aims to share with its residents its most demanding standards in terms of quality of service and innovation. Colisée has obtained several quality certifications that underscore its commitment to the better aging of its residents.

Colisée in Italy

In Italy, the population’s growing needs are met with Colisée’s high-end daily care

Colisée has operated in Italy since 2014, and accompanies seniors with high-quality care. Colisée responds to the increasing demands of the population for support by encouraging the emergence of new projects in this territory: creation of structures, refurbishment of facilities, targeted external growth operations, etc.

Colisée in China

In China, Colisée mixes Western and Chinese approaches to provide innovative and adjusted care.

Colisée has accelerated its operations in China since 2017 by establishing a partnership with China Merchant. The joint-venture has developed the Guangzhou Panyu International Senior Care & Recovery Center (Canton) and the Shenzhen Shekou Senior Care & Recovery Center (Shenzhen).

On site, the teams are developing a support and care program combining the strengths of Western and Chinese approaches, which focus on non-medicinal therapeutic protocols. The aim is to create comfortable and stimulating environments for residents, that rely, in particular, on the Montessori method and on innovative psychomotor approaches.