Colisée, leading private player in elderly care in Europe, is committed to promoting better aging through its Nursing homes, Post-acute facilities and Service flats – as well as its Home care services. The day-to-day actions of our employees are guided by our corporate mission and our values: Cohesion, Respect and Commitment. Our employees devote their full attention to ensure that each person can enjoy all stages of their life, depending on their needs and desires, as well as their constraints.

Nursing homes

Colisée welcomes and cares for seniors in its nursing homes in 5 countries. For our teams, providing support for positive aging means making each resident feel at home.

In our establishments, the nursing staff conducts a personalized medical follow-up with each resident and their family, based on a meticulous approach to pain management and the use of non-medicinal therapies. Our teams have received specific training in this area: for example, they apply the Montessori method and use touch-sensitive terminals to encourage discussion and stimulate the physical and cerebral capacities of our residents.

Our collaborators also strive to maintain a personal bond with families, associations and nursing staff, while creating a home for our residents. This bond nurtures their mental and physical well-being. More generally, Colisée’s teams are multidisciplinary, available 24 hours a day and open to outside practitioners depending on individual needs.

Post-acute facilities

Our post-acute facilities provide patients with a course of excellent care after a hospital stay, with the aim of enabling them to regain full independence and confidence.

Our post-acute facilities mobilize the full range of medical and paramedical professionals necessary to offer physical, cognitive, psychological, nutritional, motor, etc. rehabilitation services to each patient.

It is essential that this rehabilitation be carried out in a safe environment and that, after hospitalization, patients can fully reconnect with their loved ones and society. This is why each stay also provides personalized preparation for the patient’s return to their place of residence or admission to a new adapted structure. Every step is taken in close contact with the patient’s family and the practitioners who care for them year-round.

Service flats

Colisée meets a growing need: our service flats offer the freedom to live at home while receiving catering, cleaning and security services, as well as the opportunity to take part in leisure activities, either alone or in a group. Our service flats, located in France and Belgium, offer seniors a balance between maintaining their independence and receiving personalized services that make their day-to-day life easier.

Most of our service flats are adjacent to a nursing home, which offers residents 24-hour assistance in case of need, and enables couples, if one of them is dependent, to stay close.

We believe that service flats are a fundamental alternative to the traditional solutions offered to seniors. Colisée devotes a significant share of its development efforts to increasing its capacity in these innovative residences.

Home care services

« Être bien chez soi » (“Feeling good at home”), is the ultimate goal of our home care teams. Seniors, persons with disabilities, as well as persons who are dependent or convalescent, use our services for help with meals and housework, companionship and leisure, assistance in moving around and night-time accompaniment. Our teams therefore enable everyone to live at home with complete confidence and free of a maximum of constraints.

Onela already provides these services in France, with employees mobilized 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, hired with the utmost attention, and who guarantee a measured quality of service.

In France, Colisée’s teams are mobilized for positive aging and offer solutions for every stage of one’s life, whether at home or in nursing homes, post-acute facilities or service flats.
Major player in the elderly care in Belgium, Armonea takes care of the well-being of its residents daily through the Armonea Experience program.
In Spain, Colisée provides high-quality services to the elderdy everyday.
Colisée has operated in Italy since 2014, and accompanies seniors with high-quality care.
In China, Colisée mixes Western and Chinese approaches to provide innovative and adjusted care